Cognigy Binder, pens and ID

First 3 Months on the CognigyCrew

Just wrapping up my first 3 months at Cognigy.  It has been an enjoyable time with people I respect and trust.  Not to mention the technology does everything they say it will.  There is a lot of hype in tech, and many firms paint a picture that really isn’t realistic. …
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Proximity, The Key To Resolutions

In an earlier article I wrote about Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity hack of not breaking the chain.  If you’ve got resolutions you hope to achieve and want a little edge, let me share with you the value of Proximity as they relate to existing habits or patterns.  We humans tend to…
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Last Day at Fastly

After a second 2 year tour as a Sales Engineer at Fastly, I am sad to announce that today is my last day.  When Fastly invited me back, I was injured and looking for a safe place to confirm my recovery.  Looking back, the amount of gratitude I feel to…
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