Building a Routine After a Layoff

Been laid off?  You can accelerate new employment by building a proper routine into your week.  This combined with proper prioritization makes for progress that will help keep you positive and moving forward.  I’ve have experienced unexpected unemployment and job searches several times in my life.  Be it after Dynatrace…
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One Week In, Burns is (Almost) Back

It’s been one week since I unexpectantly joined the growing ranks of those that are #laidoff and #ReadyToWork.  Quite a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences.  If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ve seen me exhibit some of those negative emotions.  A week in and enough is going right that I’m…
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Insecure and Unlocked

Purposeful Learning With Deliberately Insecure Applications

Most people learn better with hands-on purposeful learning.  But learning Hacking and Web Security becomes challenging to do without breaking laws.  Several applications have been created that are intentionally insecure.  Virtualization and Containers have accelerated this.  It has become easier to create, break and destroy applications – learning along the…
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