The Lasting Company Pain After Layoffs

Firms often don’t comprehend the extent of the damage that continues internally, as well as externally, after layoffs.  There are several reasons to take these all into consideration.  Once you understand them, you stand a chance of better mitigating them, and it also refines your layoff plans.  This improves your…
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Cognigy Binder, pens and ID

First 3 Months on the CognigyCrew

Just wrapping up my first 3 months at Cognigy.  It has been an enjoyable time with people I respect and trust.  Not to mention the technology does everything they say it will.  There is a lot of hype in tech, and many firms paint a picture that really isn’t realistic. …
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Multiple Displays with Cognigy

Excited to Be at Cognigy

My Sales Engineering career began in the start of 2011.  What’s more, the firms I’ve worked for during the past decade-plus spoiled me.  Dynatrace’s solutions and Fastly’s delivery network are magical.  They were as close as I’ve seen technology be to Arthur C. Clarke’s 3rd Law that “Any sufficiently advanced…
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